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solutions1Our Services

We know you have your pick of providers who’d like to provide spotting and local shuttle services at your distribution center or manufacturing plant. Here’s why our long-term customers chose Lazer Spot – and keep choosing it year after year, facility after facility:

This is what we do: Spotting and local shuttles are our core business. We aren’t distracted by other things, because this is what built our company and this is how we will grow going forward. We understand that our operations are mission-critical for our customers, and we are completely focused on this service.

We invest in safety. We understand that your facility can’t afford the cost, in dollars, human capital, or reputation, of an unsafe partner. We have industry-leading safety metrics, a robust training program, and a company commitment to constantly improve.

We’re in all the right places: Lazer Spot has a broad geographic footprint, and our “pod”-based service approach enables us to leverage highly skilled personnel and specialized equipment to the benefit of all our customers. Our service area density allows us to be flexible in meeting your needs. And if we’re not in your area yet, we’d like to be. We are always looking for opportunities to expand in additional areas with existing customers or new ones.

We’re flexible when you need it: If you have a ramped-up delivery schedule every holiday season, or an expanded production schedule during the summer months, we are the perfect choice for you. We prevent bottlenecks, by bringing additional drivers or equipment to your site when the demand for efficiency is greatest.

We’re accountable: How do we know how to make recommendations for improved operations at your site? We collect data. We track movements, analyze operating metrics, and study utilization so we can design the best solutions for you. You can see how efficient we are.

We’re committed to our drivers: We have one of the lowest turnover rates in the transportation industry, and we keep looking for ways to improve our retention rate even further. Hiring and training are core competencies for us. We aim to provide drivers who will work with you a long time, and become fully integrated into your operations.

We can design a comprehensive solution for you: Whatever you need to support your spotting and shuttle operations, we can provide it. We offer gate staffing, trailer checking, and other services to complement our core business.

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solutions2Our Equipment

There are lots of trucking and logistics companies out there. Why should you choose Lazer Spot?

Specialty power units: We use late-model spotters with hydraulic fifth wheels that are designed to operate in a high-volume environment.

Green initiatives: Some of our day cabs use compressed natural gas. As a SmartWay partner, we are committed to offering our customers options that meet their sustainability goals.

Flexible trailer options: Whether you need trailers heavy enough to hold roll stock paper, or refrigerated units during your busy season only, we can meet your needs, with value-oriented short- and long-term rental plans.

Back-up units: We pride ourselves on not allowing your facility to miss a beat. If one of our units is down for routine maintenance or an unexpected repair, we’ll have a back-up unit nearby to replace it before you even notice.

Electronic yard management solutions: We have relationships with all the primary vendors in this area, and we work with them to design custom solutions that give our customers the very best picture of what’s on the property, when it got there, what’s in every trailer, and where it’s currently located.

DOT Compliant: Our equipment meets all state and federal safety regulations, and we regularly inspect and maintain it to make sure it’s fully functional.


From Price to Function, we can solve it all

A drop-and-hook yard management system allows customers to be more productive and efficient, because inventory isn’t sitting on trailers waiting to be moved....[+]


Country-Wide, Let us find your perfect fit.

Lazer Spot has developed operations in 30 states with more than 700 power units and more than 2000 employees...[+]

Transportation Yard Management

There’s a reason that most of our customers have been with us for years, and continue to engage us for work at additional locations. That reason is the commitment our teams bring to outstanding customer service. Our drivers and managers are the best in the industry at delivering safe, efficient, timely solutions for our customers’ logistics needs.

Adam Newsome
Lazer Spot CEO