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Lazer Spot invests in sustainability in many areas of our business operations, including things our customers can readily see and things they can’t. Here are few examples of our initiatives that have been designed to create a continuous reduction in our environmental footprint.

Reducing Engine Idle Time: In early 2016 we embarked on a mission to reduce fleet engine idle time by 70%. Engine idle not only wears out internal components, it also wastes fuel and produces unnecessary diesel emissions which end up in the earth’s atmosphere. As a result of this fleet wide initiative over the last three years we have accomplished the following milestones for a cleaner environment:

•             1.2 million gallons of diesel fuel saved

•             100,000 barrels of oil saved

•             Three million dollars in fuel cost saved

•             27 million pounds of Co2 emissions saved

Clean diesel technology: When new diesel emissions technology was introduced nearly ten years ago, most companies in the yard management industry continued to buy the previous generation off road, diesel engines. In doing so they opted away from the cleaner engine and the environmentally safer option. Lazer Spot is different. We are proud of the decision we made early on to invest in a fleet of trucks with the latest clean diesel engine technology. Even though each of these trucks cost us thousands of dollars more to purchase, we invested in the cleanest emissions technologies available in the market for better tomorrow. We are still making environmentally conscious investments today.

Zero Emission Pure Electric Yard Spotters: As the market leader in yard management, we believe we have a responsibility to lead in the area of vehicle technology as well. As such, Lazer Spot is an early adopter of pure electric terminal tractors. We currently have EV technology deployed in both manufacturing and distribution center sites in two major markets in the United States. Based on the early operating results as well as customer satisfaction with the operation of these vehicles, we look forward to the future of electric vehicles in our industry.  We will continue to lead with investments in sustainable clean vehicle technology as new products in this category are developed.

Reducing paper use: Managing a large fleet means that we have the opportunity to generate tens of thousands of pages of documents each month across the US and Canada. Compounding the “paper challenge” is that these documents are required to be retained to be compliant with many local, state and federal regulations. To reduce paper use, Lazer Spot has encouraged its vendor network nationwide to convert to digital files that we can then store electronically. We began this initiative in late 2017 and we are proud of our success in creating a near paperless file environment in fleet management.

SmartWay: Lazer Spot is an EPA certified Smartway partner. We are pleased to advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking, and improving vehicle and trailer efficiencies across our fleet.


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