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Company History

Stefanie Newsome-Ryan and Adam Newsome

Our founders, were both working for a regional trucking company when they met in 1995. Both had an entrepreneurial bent, and the next year, they pooled their money to buy a spotter truck. They put $1,000 down so a used equipment dealer would hold the truck for 60 days, and set off to secure their first customer. It came a lot faster than they thought – when the customer gave its existing spotting provider notice of its intent to cancel the contract, the spotting provider said it would stop providing service at the end of the next shift.

They hurried over to the equipment dealer, where a sales person agreed to help them drive the spotter truck over to the customer’s property and show them how to use it. Neither had ever driven a spotter unit before, and they were both wearing suits when they arrived for their first night on the job. It was a memorable first night, with the truck breaking down and leaving grease all over the suits of the new owners.

Lazer Spot has grown every year since, adding blue-chip customers and expanding its footprint steadily. Adam Newsome, a graduate of the University of Tennessee and UT School of Law, joined the operation as President in 2003, and began developing financial and compliance structures that would support the company’s growth. Adam’s sister Stefanie, also a UT grad, joined the company that same year, and implemented new initiatives to improve the accounting and human resources functions.

In some respects, the company as it exists today bears little resemblance to the tiny team that launched it 18 years ago. Our customer base is larger, our equipment is more reliable, and our ability to respond quickly is even better thanks to skilled teams and a national footprint. But in fundamental ways, Lazer Spot is what it was from the beginning: a team of committed individuals who are going to find a way to make the customer happy.

That commitment to execution is quite literally in the DNA of the current leadership. The founders, having built a successful business over the long haul, both left the company in recent years. Adam and Stefanie absorbed their obsession with customer service and focus on details. They have shared that legacy with the people who help them lead the operation today. Lazer Spot’s 2000-plus employees work at operations in 30 states, and we want to keep growing by continuing what we started – providing best-in-class customer service.

Our Values

Best in Class Customer Service: For us, customer service isn’t just a “feel good” concept; it’s making sure your yard functions so seamlessly you don’t have to worry about it. We can do that because we understand your business. Whether you run a brand-new distribution center or a long-established manufacturing facility, we’ve worked in environments like yours before. Lazer Spot is the category leader in the yard management business, and we will bring all our experience and expertise to the table to help you identify new opportunities for safety and efficiency.

We’re in it for the long haul. Most of our business comes from existing customers. They’ve found that we are long-term partners who are committed to meeting their needs day in and day out. We’ll get to know you and your facility, and make sure we become one of the most reliable components of your operation.

Commitment to Safety: Our culture is relentlessly focused on safety. We are proud that our accident rates continually drop, saving our customers time, money, and frustration. From our Corporate and Operations managers tasked with developing new safety initiatives to our most recent new hire, everyone on the team understands that the goal is to make one safe move at a time. We never stop trying to improve.

Accountability: We built our business on the notion that we will honor our commitments. When we tell customers we’ll become part of their team, we mean it. We provide dedicated site managers who have the authority to make decisions, initiate improvements, and manage personnel. Our managers also know how to drive, and they don’t hesitate to get in a truck and help out when an extra set of hands is needed.


From Price to Function, we can solve it all

A drop-and-hook yard management system allows customers to be more productive and efficient, because inventory isn’t sitting on trailers waiting to be moved....[+]


Country-Wide, Let us find your perfect fit.

Lazer Spot has developed operations in 30 states with more than 700 power units and more than 2000 employees...[+]

Transportation Yard Management

There’s a reason that most of our customers have been with us for years, and continue to engage us for work at additional locations. That reason is the commitment our teams bring to outstanding customer service. Our drivers and managers are the best in the industry at delivering safe, efficient, timely solutions for our customers’ logistics needs.

Adam Newsome
Lazer Spot CEO