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CDC Guideance for essential workers


First, a new piece of information.  Yesterday, the CDC announced new guidelines that will assist with getting Essential Workers who have been exposed to the coronavirus back to work faster. 

Under the old guidance, workers were told to stay at home for 14 days if they were exposed to someone who had tested positive for coronavirus.

The new guidelines will allow Essential Workers who have been exposed to keep working as long as they are asymptomatic, have their temperature taken before entering the workplace, wear a face mask at work for 14 days, and practice social distancing as much as possible.  So for instance, in the case of a teammate whose family member or close friend tested positive, our teammate could continue working as long as our teammate is asymptomatic and follows these guidelines.  It would be very prudent for the teammate to separate himself or herself from the infected person as much as possible – not share a bedroom or bathroom, or things like towels or dishes – until the infected person has recovered.

-1) We will incorporate this into our policies and procedures. We have been monitoring CDC guidelines daily for several weeks, and follow them.  If you are ever in doubt about what our policy is on a particular issue, ask HR or your Regional Manager.

-2) We will defer to more generous guidelines (i.e., an employee’s health care provider or our customer) when appropriate.

-3) We will practice social distancing. This is critically important, because when one of our teammates or a customer’s teammate tests positive for COVID-19, we need to be able to determine if anyone was in “close contact” with that person.  The answer generally should be “no.”  “Close contact” is defined as within six feet or less, for more than 15 minutes.  In some situations, close contact cannot be avoided; gate clerks, for instance, may need to sit closer to each other because of space constraints.  But unless there is an operational requirement to the contrary, we expect teammates to stay six feet apart.  Note that passing someone in the hallway is not “close contact.”  We understand that we will have to pass paperwork.  Being within six feet of a colleague for a few minutes is understandable.  Socializing is not.  We are a great team, we enjoy each other’s company, and we will socialize later.  Now is not the time.

-4) We will wash our hands regularly, and wipe down surfaces with disinfectants. We will assume that surfaces are nevertheless covered with coronavirus, and will avoid touching our eyes, noses, and mouths.  These are fundamental processes designed to avoid transmission of the virus, and we will be scrupulous about following them to protect ourselves and our teammates.

-5) We will direct questions about gloves and masks to our Regional Managers or As information, we are not opposed to wearing these, if they are provided by the customer.  They are not bullet proof tools, and we still need to rigorously follow social distancing, disinfecting, and hand-washing guidance, and avoid touching our faces.

-6) Health care provider documents should be directed to and Terleder Dillon ( We will provide leave in appropriate situations.  Drivers who are sick will definitely be on leave.  Drivers who are immunocompromised or have family situations indicating leave is appropriate will be considered for leave in accordance with state and federal law and our own policies.  Drivers who have unreasonable fears regarding COVID-19 will not be put on leave, and are subject to our normal attendance policies.  You should report all of these – leave requests, medical provider notices, and unauthorized absences – to HR the same day.

-7) We will allow our drivers to answer questionnaires or be subject to temperature testing with the approval of our General Counsel, Rhonda Wilcox McCurtain ( As information, we will likely approve questionnaires.  We will likely agree that our drivers will be temperature tested with touchless thermometers (although we will not perform testing on others).  This is guidance only.  Specific requests should be directed to Rhonda or your Regional Manager.

-8) Until further notice, any absence for any reason must be reported to the Regional Manager and As information, employees who are out for more than three days will need a medical release.  But our general policy, and now more than ever, is that HR or Terleder Dillon must approve returns after three days of absence.

-9) Individuals who display cough or trouble breathing, who have a fever higher than 100.4, or give concerning responses to customer questionnaires should be asked to leave the site, and you should notify the Regional Manager and

-10) We will not disclose the identify of a person who is or may be affected by COVID-19. If you have a team member who tests positive, a team member who has been quarantined, a team member who has been granted leave, a customer whose employee has experience any of these, or any other situation where our teammates may need to have some information, contact Rhonda, your Regional Manager, or HR.  We have specific protocols for each situation, and appropriate messaging is essential.

In case of doubt, err on the side of caution and contact your Regional Manager and HR for further guidance.


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